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Clear Fiduciary Consultants, LLC

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An Independent 401(k) & Retirement Plan Fiduciary

Next step for an independent review

Gather Plan Information

Evaluate your existing plan.  In particular, current fees, investments, providers and compliance.  The following are all we need:

  • Most recent quarterly or annual plan review.
  • Fee disclosures 408(b)(2).
  • Participant demographics.
  • Copy of last year's Form 5500.

Plan & Cost Analysis

In conjunction with our recordkeeping partners we will analyze your existing plans implicit and explicit fees. This information will enable us to benchmark your program against current market pricing.

Provider Selection

Based on your feedback, CFC will negotiate with and selected providers that best match your needs and situation.

Investment Selection

As an independent Firm, with no proprietary investments, we will create a custom-tailored investment menu for your plan.

Proposal and Presentation

We will meet with you to present a side-by-side comparison of your existing plan and the proposed solutions.  This will include a cost comparison, provider analysis and investment menu review.

Plan Setup

Often times after a benchmark the current program, with improved modifications or adjustments, is an excellent solution.   If the decision is to move forward with another recordkeeper we will work with the new provider to manage the transition from start to finish.

Not Sure if you are ready


There is no cost for a plan review, but we're confident that a thorough analysis by CFC will reveal significant opportunities for improvement.  


The plan review will be provided without a requirement or commitment to partner with CFC.