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An Independent 401(k) & Retirement Plan Fiduciary

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What is a Fiduciary and Why Hire CFC?

  • What is a Fiduciary-A fiduciary is someone who manages or advises the assets of another person and stands in a special relationship of trust, confidence, and/or legal responsibility. CFC is a Registered Investment Advisor, which means we are required by law to act in our clients’ best interests.  We will be a signed fiduciary for you and your plan.

  • True Independence-CFC is an independent fiduciary and investment advisory firm. We are not influenced by corporate agendas, investment banking departments, in-house products, or product mandates.

  • ERISA Plan Services-CFC provides service to qualified and non-qualified retirement plans including 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans, pension and profit sharing plans, cash balance plans, employee stock ownership and deferred compensation plans.

  •  3(21) Fiduciary-CFC may act as a limited scope 3(21) fiduciary that can advise, help and assist plan sponsors with their investment decisions. The plan sponsor is still ultimately responsible for the decisions made in their plan, though using CFC can help the plan sponsor delegate liability.

  •  3(38) Investment Manager-CFC may also act as an ERISA 3(38) fiduciary, Investment Manager in which it has discretionary management and control of a given retirement plan’s assets. CFC would then become solely responsible and liable for the selection, monitoring and replacement of the plan’s investment options.  

  • Benchmarking & Request for a Proposal (RFP)-CFC will manage the review and selection process from start to finish.  The review process will help to meet your fiduciary responsibility.   This procedure is time consuming, with every solution derived from many variables.  Our process will provide a concise  report with a clear path to a decision that meets your specific goals and objectives.