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Clear Fiduciary Consultants, LLC

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An Independent 401(k) & Retirement Plan Fiduciary

Clear Fiduciary Consultants is an independent investment advisory firm,  legally committed to serving your best interest. 

Maximize Your 401(k) and other Qualifed Plans

Optimizing Owners & Key Employees Qualified Plan Contributions

With decades of experience in Plan Design and the expertise and knowledge on how 401(k)s and other qualified plans impact personal and corporate accounts.  The proper structure is the key to utilizing the benefits of a qualified plan.

Improving Employees Income at Retirement

There is a wide range of excitement and appreciation for retirement plans.  With the proper education and communication, employees will  better understand the generosity and benefits of their qualified plan.

Simplifying the process

Stream-Lining both Plan Sponsor and Employee Interaction

Understanding the interaction between the Plan Sponsor and their participants is critical to the success of the program.  The interaction and process evaluation will often highlight ways to streamline and improve the user experience.  

Generating Excitement

Over time the excitement and enthusiasm of a retirement program may diminish.  Reminding the employees of the specific benefits of their retirement plan is one of the best ways to recapture that appreciation.